Who is Uniwell?

Uniwell POS Point of Sale Solutions for cafes restaurants bakeries fast food QSR food retail bars pubs hotels clubs
October 20, 1978 marked the official incorporation of Uniwell, a team of skilled engineers and motivated marketing personnel with a common vision – that the future of the cash register industry lay in the advancing fields of electronics and data management. The name Uniwell was derived from the concepts of the Uniqueness of the enterprise and how Well Organised this new corporation would need to be to succeed.

In the decades since our foundation, Uniwell Corporation has prided itself on establishing a culture founded on four main principles:

Uniwell has always looked to the future of the POS industry by considering the needs of businesses and ongoing advancements in electronic and computer technology. We continue in the strong belief that embedded POS provides a superior solution for businesses around the world, with its inherent stability, security and speed advantages. We continue to strive to improve our products to meet the practical needs of our customers.

With a streamlined corporate structure, responsive development team and flexible manufacturing capabilities, Uniwell strives to maintain strong productivity and a high level of awareness of market trends. We recognize the changing circumstances that impact on our distributors and their customers, and work hard to react swiftly when the demand calls for it.

Our distributors and development associates are our partners in business, and the ultimate goal of Uniwell is shared success. Additionally, we thrive on the contributions of each individual employee at Uniwell, recognising the unique skills and talents that all staff members bring to our organization. Promoting this cooperative spirit in all of our dealings engenders a sense of loyalty and goodwill that becomes an integral part of the Uniwell brand.

Uniwell remains committed to an adaptable corporate structure that responds to market needs and continues to produce state-of-the-art point of sale solutions that result in complete customer satisfaction. We are resolute in our dedication to continue setting the standards of POS terminal production and grow our market share in both quantity and quality.

We invite you to find out more about Uniwell POS products and how they can assist your business.

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