Time Recorders

Statewide Business Systems offers a range of quality time recorders, from time date stamps, calculating ‘bundy’ clocks to bio-metric fingerprint clocks with software.


Job Costing , Time date Stamps:
Seiko TP20 – Employee Time Clock, Job Costing, Time Date Stamp, Optional relay for Bell or Siren (view brochure)
Amano PIX2000 – (as above)

Time Recorders Non Calculating:
Seiko Z120 – Employee Time Clock, 6 column, LCD display with backlight, keylock, relay for Bell or Siren (view brochure)
Amano EX-3500N – Employee Time Recorder, 6 column, Large Analogue display, relay for Bell or Siren

Time Recorders Calculating:
Seiko Qr395– Employee Time Clock, Consecutive In Out, Calculating 6 columns, 1-100 Employees, Digital Clock Face (view brochure)
MaxER-2700 – Employee Time Clock, Calculating 6 columns, 1-130 Employees, Digital Clock Face

PC Based , Biometric:
Fingetec TA500 – Biometric Employee Clock, Coloured LCD Screen, 1-1000 employees, TCMS Software available, Optical Scanner fingerprint recognition. (view brochure)

Time Cards, Ink Ribbons, Card Racks, Sirens and Bells.

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