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Statewide Business Systems installs and services the range of Cash Handling equipment from Consillion.

Next Generation Bank Note Release:

In September 2012 the Reserve Bank of Australia announced it’s intention to release an upgraded series of banknotes, referred to as the next generation banknote (NGB). Issue of the denominations will be staged across a number of years, with the first denomination ($5) released in September 2016, ($10) released in September 2017, ($50) October 2018 and the ($20) due for release in October 2019. Statewide Business Systems along with our suppliers are working on an upgrade program to ensure that most current equipment purchased will be able to process the new NGB. – Please contact us to discuss your options.

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Dual-Pro-w-StandTiny-Teller-ENLARGE-PSD Change Dispense Machines

With some of the Next Generation Banknotes now released ($5 & $10), many change machines are able to be upgraded. Some will require a replacement note acceptor fitted to your existing  machine to accept the NGB.
– Contact us to discuss your options

Cash Handling Other Cash Handling Products

  • Note Counters
  • Coin Counters
  • Note and Coin Scales
  • Self Service Equipment
  • Note and Coin Recyclers

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we would be happy to advise you regarding the cash handling equipment options that suit your requirements.

We also offer after-sales servicing and repairs statewide by our fully trained technicians.

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