UNIWELL OT-20 – Slimline 15.6” Touch Screen Self-Order Terminal

Revolutionise the customer experience of your hospitality venue with Uniwell’s latest hardware and the KIOSK self-ordering application. The OT-20 Android terminal features a 15.6” bezel-free wide format touch screen, providing an eye-catching platform to attract the attention of your patrons.


Here are four key reasons to consider the OT-20 and KIOSK:

Purpose-built hardware – Our self-order terminals are specifically designed to cope with the day-to-day requirements of high-volume hospitality venues. Uniwell has a long-standing reputation for quality POS hardware that can handle the physical workload that standard tablets or computers may not. The OT-20 terminal uses the same cabinet as our flagship HX-5500 POS terminal, providing proven durability.

Powerful KIOSK application – Developed by our award winning integration partner, Skoop!, the KIOSK application is designed to provide a visually appealing self-ordering experience that is easy to navigate. KIOSK guides the customer through the order process, including menu selection, product options, promotional opportunities and payment finalisation.

Integrate with state-of-the-art embedded POS – The combination of Uniwell’s OT-series self-order terminals and KIOSK is designed to increase productivity, integrating with our proven hospitality POS network. Food and beverage production is initiated immediately at the time of customer order, sending data through to applicable printers and displays throughout the venue. The resulting increased efficiency equals improved profitability.

Embrace the future – Self-ordering capabilities are the way forward for the modern hospitality operation. Reducing staff overheads and increasing efficiency equates to improved order accuracy and decreased wait times. And as your clients continue to embrace advanced retail technology, your business will be seen as a modern, sophisticated venue that is focused on providing the very latest and best possible customer experience.

Based on Uniwell’s 40 years of POS development experience, we encourage you to consider how our OT-20 self-order terminal and KIOSK will improve performance, service quality and profitability.

Process of customer orders:

Process from order to payment

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