Cash Drawer Counterfeit Currency Detector

Save Money Today!

Check Note is the worlds first cash drawer mounting counterfeit currency detection device powered by USB. Counterfeit notes are stunningly easy to detect with a Check Note device. When counterfeit notes are inserted in the drawer, the UV light creates an intensely bright blue/purple reflection as a result of the cellulose and other properties of non-monetary paper/polymer. This allows cashiers to rapidly detect counterfeit notes that would have easily passed as genuine – thus preventing a fraudulent transaction and losses to your business.

Empower your Cashiers

Check Note places the responsibility of detection into the hands of the cashiers. In the past, businesses would rely entirely on their cashiers having suspicions of a fraudulent note first, only then to have them confirm the authenticity of a bill in front of a customer. With Check Note, no counterfeit note is inserted into the drawer/box without detection from your cashiers

Easy to Install

Its slim design means Check Note can be mounted to a drawer or flip-lid cash box that is above or below the bench top. It is powered by USB and can be installed on any point-of-sale system in less than 30 seconds by anybody. Don’t become a victim fraud, contact Statewide Business Systems today to find out more about how Check Note can empower your business and save you money.

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