Kitchen Video Display (KVD)

POS Kitchen Video System

The Uniwell Kitchen Video Display is a great alternative to kitchen printing for fast food, take away and bistro style operations with its easy to read screen and straight forward kitchen display controller.

The Kitchen Video Display (KVD) system uses a tiny PC, 19 x 14cm in size which also doubles as a ‘bump pad’ for completed orders. The preparation monitor connects directly to the KVD. There is no conventional computer box stored away somewhere requiring extra cables to be run.

Orders are displayed in an easy to read format on a full colour VGA preparation screen with colour enhancement for modifiers and special instructions. With the KVD System you can control the access of new orders, park orders, clear completed orders from the display, and recall previously cleared orders back to the display.


Kitchen Video Display Features

  • Variable screen layouts: The order screen can be set to display a variety of panel options.
  • Touch screen compatible: A touch screen can be connected to allow the bumping of orders direct from the screen.
  • Order scrolling: The bump pad keys can be used to scroll back and forward through the orders.
  • Order recall: Once cleared orders can be re-displayed.
  • Key items: Key items can be displayed and totaled in a summary panel if required.
  • Highlighted orders: The bump pad can be used to highlight and clear individual orders.
  • Colourful enhancement: Quickly and easily differentiate between eat in, take away, or drive-thru orders with a simple glance at the display. Can also be used to highlight modifications made to individual items.
  • Order time display: Orders that are on screen for longer than a predetermined time will flash to alert operators to the order.
  • Productivity reports: Productivity Reports are available by screen and store allowing management to view the times taken to complete orders.
Uniwell Kitchen video display
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