The Superiority of Embedded POS

In recent years, the point of sale market has been flooded with PC and, more recently, tablet and cloud based products. If you are looking for a POS system for your hospitality or food retail business, the options seem limitless. However, exclusive embedded POS solutions, such as those offered by Uniwell Corporation, are becoming increasingly popular due to the tangible operational speed, system stability and security benefits they offer.

Uniwell comprehensive embedded Point of Sale solutions for hospitality and food retail #uniquelyuniwell

Uniwell utilizes the latest advancements in mobile technology to produce our HX-series of embedded POS terminals, with purpose-built electronics, powerful processing capabilities, integrated operating system and user interface (UI) software, and network connectivity. Our clear understanding of the essential elements of a successful point of sale terminal is based on decades of development experience and global industry knowledge.

Here are just a few of the many good reasons to consider Uniwell’s embedded POS technology:


  • Business owners want to be confident that their POS hardware can continue to operate efficiently, not just for weeks and months, but for a considerable number of years.
  • Uniwell POS terminals are purpose-built, so they are free of compatibility issues that can arise when a separate POS application is running on generic PC hardware.
  • Uniwell POS terminals can store current transaction details almost instantly, allowing fast, accurate recovery from power outages and largely eliminating the risk of data corruption.


  • Uniwell POS terminals can’t be used by operators to browse the internet or run other applications, and are less susceptible to fraudulent misuse.
  • Due to Uniwell’s proprietary embedded software, there is no tangible threat of viruses, information leaks or unwanted updates.
  • The costly and time consuming maintenance required by PC-based systems, including antivirus software and operating system updates and memory defragmentation, is unnecessary.


  • The POS terminal needs to be simple for staff to navigate, and require minimal training when teaching new or casual team members how to operate it.
  • The comprehensive features of the POS helps to automate processes, minimising staff errors, prompting the operator appropriately when needed and improving operational efficiency.
  • A considerable amount of the maintenance that requires a professional technician, such as advanced program changes, can be handled remotely, saving on downtime.

We encourage you to thoroughly research the benefits of embedded POS over other available products to ascertain the long-term advantages of choosing a Uniwell point of sale solution

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